pretty ugly tanz köln

For the associated dance group “Pretty Ugly Tanz Köln” Jessica Otten and her team designed a new CI/CD and the introduction of the group in the city.

In the following years she supported the group concerning marketing activities and PR ongoing productions.

Since she is working for transmissions, she is still working as a freelancer for the group and developed commucnication strategies for several productions.

Schauspiel Köln

From August 2003 until September 2007 Jessica Otten designed PR- and marketingstrategies for the Schauspiel Cologne and concerning executive intentants she represented these areas independently. During the season 2006/2007 she was the head of the department.

Her tasks were:

  • the independant development of strategic communication concepts for the improvement of the image and aquisition of new costumers.
  • the cooperation and negotiations with cultural institutes
  • the representation and presentation of Bühnen Köln during events and conferences
  • the support of media partners
  • the development and implementation of adversiting offers for specific target groups in the print and online area
  • the further development of the internet presence and CMS
  • the editorial responsibility of the internet presence and of the annual magazines
  • the aquisition of sponsors and announcements
  • the organization of events
  • the composition of news release and advertising copies
  • the introduction including the arrangement of prices and sales planning as well as special events
  • the budget plan and control
  • the cooperation with event agengies plus the coordination of external service provider and internal teams